Gichugu group

Because of the success of the Slopes of 8 farmer group project, a lot of farms in the neighbouring community wanted to join in on the project. Since it would be hard to organize a larger group and to control quality and consistency, Whycleff set up a second project with producers near Gichugu, Ngariama town on the border between Kirinyaga and Embu county. This producer group consists of 11 small independent estates:

The setup is the same as with the Slopes of 8. Each farm takes care of the wet-processing of their own cherries. They all have their individual depulper, fermentation tanks and washing channels. The big advantage of this is an important reduction of the time from picking to processing. This greatly impacts the quality and cleanliness of the coffee because there is no fermentation in the cherry itself. In the usual structure with centralized washing stations, cherries lie around in bags or containers at the farm until the producer has collected enough cherries to make the trip to the washing station in the evening. During these hours, cherries can start fermenting under influence of the weather conditions.

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